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Ftgblog spendingapefectweekendinbangkok stupa ericafirpo article

Spending Three Perfect Days In Bangkok - Forbes Travel Guide Blog

From street food to skyscrapers, I uncover a fabulous plan for three perfect days in Bangkok.

Modena4 article

Destination: Modena

Ciao, Bella.... this week, we grab the keys and head to Modena, the epic-center of Italy's bread basket

Daa bridge1 640x640 article

Campo dei Fiori : Rome with Darius Arya

An Expat Archaeologist Peels Back The Layers Of His Favorite Roman Neighborhood

Img 3139 article

A Fashionable Packing List for the Venice Biennale

Every other spring, the contemporary art world flocks to Italy to celebrate art, dance, architecture, cinema, and theater at the Venice Biennale. Fathom contributing editor and Biennale regular Erica Firpo gives us a peek at what she's packing in her suitcase.

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Celebrate Spring In Rome Like A Local - Forbes Travel Guide Blog

April and May line up of cultural and sporting events in Rome.

Img 1144 article

I Rode Hiroshima's Epic, 70-Kilometer Bike Route - Meridian

An epic cyclist adventure through Onomichi, HIroshima province for Meridian/VOX

Rome like a local copy article

Rome Like A Local

5 Ways to Go Local in Rome: When in Rome, don’t hesitate to go full immersion, says resident writer Erica Firpo. Follow her ve rules of local life to have even more fun in this magni cent city
Available only in print for Moments Magazine #4

9780451495556 article

Adventures in Love, Relationships, and Travel: A Review of "How to Be Married" | FATHOM Travel Blog and Travel Guides

Contributing editor Erica Firpo reviews Jo Piazza's new memoir-cum-travelogue, How to Be Married, a global search for the secret of good relationships.

Lepanier1 article

Buongiorno, Principessa! Le Panier and breakfast in bed | ERICA FIRPO

Look out, Rome, there's a gourmet breakfast in town. Erica Firpo reviews Le Panier.

Modena1 article

Where to Go from Rome: An Art- and Balsamic-Fueled Ride Through ...

EMILIA ROMAGNA, Italy – This is going to sound crazy, but sometimes I forget how amazing Italy is. Living in Rome, it's hard to think that anything better (food, art, history) exists outside the Eternal City...

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5 Things We Love About Hotel Eden - Forbes Travel Guide Blog

Get your scissors out, because we’re cutting the ribbon on Rome‘s Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Hotel Eden. The Eternal City trophy of the prestigious Dorchester Collection reopened on April 1 after a 17-month renovation that called for a complete floor-to-ceiling makeover easily rivaling that of St. Peter’s Basilica’s 17th-century revamp.

A459adf534ee58ea92bf389f8d255fb1 article

The Factory: Milan's Pirelli Hangar Bicocca | ERICA FIRPO

Why Milan is worth a trip for a day of contemporary art.

Ftgblog theriseofromesrestaurantscene piperointerior piperoroma article

7 New Rome Restaurants Worth Sampling - Forbes Travel Guide Blog

Are you ready for Rome's next empire? Food, the final frontier and the Eternal City's must-book restaurants.

Img 8779 article

Ercoli, Ercoli, Prati's New Gastro Hub

The mentality of Rome is that everything needed should be within a 500 meter radius. I uncover Ercoli- a new gastro-alimentari in Rome's Prati neighborhood.